Its that time of the months when I tell you the book of the month so lets get in to this

      first things first I have some news we have a new moderator for the book of the month and we have a new name . are new moderator is Morgan from reader things on book tube so go subscribe to her and are new name is the reading pile read along you can find are group on good reads now here is this months book. this months book is life and death by Stephanie Meyer this is the twilight's tenth anniversary book that Stephanie Meyer  just came out with. it is what would happen if they were different genders so Edward will be a girl and Bella will be a boy.

   if you have not read the twilight saga like me then you can also read twilight like me I will be reading twilight and Morgan will be reading life and death.

thank you for reading and pleas go follow Morgan on YouTube at reader things and follow this blog



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