I'm Back!

Hello,    If you guys have been reading my blog for a while you know I haven't been posting a lot and I'm really sorry for that but I'm back and I have a few things to discuses with you guys

Mid Year Freak Out Book Tag | Tag Tuesday |

Hello,    The Mid year freak out tag has been a thing for three years and everyone does it every year so I thought I would do it for tag Tuesday. Lets get in to this.

Top 5 Wedsday| Side Ships

   Its Wednesday meaning it time for Top 5 Wednesday and this week topic is side ships meaning we have to tell you are 5 top ships that doesn't include the main character lets get in to this.

My top ten books of 2016

Hello,    I can't believe that 2016 has come and gone and in to 2016 I read a total of 34 book beating my goodreads goal of 30 and I'm so happy with all of the books I read. Today I'm here to tell you my top ten books of 2016. Most of these have a review up and If they don't they will soon but lets get in to this.

Book Review | Red queen by Victoria Aveyard (spoiler free)

Hello,    Red queen by Victoria Aveyard a thrilling, action pact, amazing, shocking book. Today I will be doing my spoiler free review on Red queen by Victoria Aveyard so if you haven't read this book then here is the post for you and if you have there will be a spoiler post up soon but lets get in to this.

Book review| Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (spoiler review)

hello readers,  A little ago I posted a spoiler free review on the book fangirl by rainbow Rowell and now I'm here to do my spoiler review on Fangirl so if you haven't read this book go read my spoiler free review to hear what I thought of this book without spoilers then go read it and then come back and read this but if you have read this book then stay and read what I thought about it lets get in to this.