My top ten books of 2016


   I can't believe that 2016 has come and gone and in to 2016 I read a total of 34 book beating my goodreads goal of 30 and I'm so happy with all of the books I read. Today I'm here to tell you my top ten books of 2016. Most of these have a review up and If they don't they will soon but lets get in to this.

10) Red queen by Victoria Aveyard

  Red queen by Victoria Aveyard is about silver and red blood people like literally they have silver and red blood and silvers have powers and reds don't making the silvers treat them like trash but one day a girl named Mara Borrow which is red blood finds out she has powers.
   I liked this book but it wasn't the best and I read some books that I liked more then this one but I still enjoyed this book if you want to know more about it and what I thought about it you can find my spoiler free review on it.            
  It was really good yes a lot of people say it feels like it is just a whole bunch of different ya books in one and yes there were a few moments that remind me of other books but if I put all the differences all together I feel like it over powers all the rest. That plot twist!

9) Four by Veronica Roth

  This is four short story's about four from divergent and I really did like this book it was great to be able to re-visit this world and four. What I really liked about this book is we get to see what Four was like before Tris and you get to see his point a view of the books and I loved to get to see Tris again. I gave this book a five out of five stars it was really good.

8) The vampire diaries the fury and the dark reunion by l.J. smith

   Last year I read the two first book in this series and I really did enjoy them so I picked up the last two in the original series. I read these two in the bind up a edition and all together I gave this book a four out of five stars I gave it four stars just because of the fury but the dark Reunion I gave that book alone a five out of five stars but I didn't really enjoy the fury that much. I can't really tell you what these books are about with out spoiling the others book because of it being the last to in a series.

7) Keep holding on by Susan Colasanti

  Keep holding on by Susan Colasanti is about a girl named Noelle who is being severely bulled at school but it really doesn't stop when she gets home because her mother neglects her and no one really knows how bad she is getting bullied .  Noelle is also dating a boy named Matt but he doesn't really want to come out with there relationship but Matt really isn't the one she wants to be with she really wants to be with her long time crush Julian but he hasn't really paid attention to her Intel one day he start talking to her but it terrifies her Matt seems safe but she really like Julian. When bulling of one of her Friends go way to far it shows Noelle that she need to stand up for her self.

  This book was amazing I gave it five out of five stars it was so good and it brought up so much emotions it made me laugh, cry, angry, and so much more and I really feel like that's what makes a good book when it makes you feel any and every emotion and this book did that. I found it very relabel.  If you want to know more about this book and what I thought about it here is my spoiler free review.

6) Me before you by Jojo Moyes

   Me before you by Jojo Moyes is about a girl name Louisa Clark and she living a ordinary life and she has an ordinary boyfriend she lives with her family she is also their main source income but when she gets laid off from her job she need a new one so she gets a job working for Will Traynor who is wheelchair bond from a motorcycle accident and she is there to help him and make him a little more happy because he has a bad attitude but she soon finds out that its going to be hard then she thought.

   This book blow up in the book community most good and bad but I found it really good I loved it.  I gave this book five out of five stars it made me laugh and cry and so much more. This book does deal with a more hard topic to talk about but I felt like she wrought about it perfectly.  This book has been said to be a romance and yes it is but not really its more about finding who your are and being who you want to be not what everyone else wants you to be, It also shows you to get out of your box and do something new and stuff you wouldn't really do.

5) Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

    Fangirl by Rainbow rowel is about a girl name Cath who is a fangirl and she wright fanfiction about Simon Snow but she is also a twin and she is about to go to collage when her sister Wren tells her she doesn't want to share a room with Cath in collage leaving Cath all alone and out of her comfort zone.  Cath all alone with her roommate Regan and her boyfriend Levi.  Can Cath handle this new life and what will happen with her fanfiction.

   I loved this book Rainbow has become one of my favorite author because of this book and another that will be coming up later.  I gave this book five out of five stars it really got in the mind of fangirl and a teenager.  I just loved this coming of age tail and if you want to know more about this book and what I thought about it I have up a spoiler review and a spoiler free review.

4) Ps I still love you by Jenny Han

  I can't really tell you what this book is about because of it being a second book in a trilogy but I really just loved this contemporary book the writing was amazing and I could relate to the main character Lana Jean.  I learned a little bit more about a different coulters and I really enjoyed that. This book also deals with cyber bulling and shows you how bad it can get and I really enjoyed that. I gave this book a five out of five stars it was amazing not much more I can say with out spoiling anything.

3) To all the boys I've loved before by Jenny Han

   To all the boys Ive loved before by Jenny Han is about a girl name Lara Jean who wright love letters to every boy she has ever loved but she doesn't intend on them every reading them Intel one day they all get sent out and her love life go completely out of control with drama, romance, and much much more.

   This book is the first book in the Lara Jean trilogy and yes it is the book before p.s. I still love you this book griped me and would not let go of me and I just love it.  Something that happened to her has happened to me and I know it has happened to some of my friends and that is when a friend ship goes sour.  I use to be really good friends with some one and then something happened I don't know what but we are not friends anymore.  I gave this book five out of five stars.

2) Carry on by Rainbow Rowell

   Carry on by Rainbow Rowell is about a boy named Simon Snow who is the chosen one who goes to Watford school of magicks and shares a room with a vampire named Baz and Baz calls him the worst chosen on ever and he might be right Simon sucks at magic but that isn't his only problem a monster is eating magic. One Baz doesn't show up to school Simon worries were he is afraid that he is plotting against him.

   This is one of my favorite books ever its amazing and of course I loved it.  This book is loosely based off of the fanfiction that Cath is writing in fangirl with is number five book on this list and why I say loosely is because how Rainbow came up with it was from that in that book it is called Carry on Simon.  this book kept me up all night reading it I really did enjoy the multiple points of view you could tell between the people.  A lot of people say that they feel like this book seems like a harry potter fanfiction and I can see why it definitely is like harry Potter but it has so much differences.

   I also loved that this book didn't read like it was a fanfiction it seemed like a real story and its amazing.  I only have one complaint and its not that big and that is I didn't really get in to it in tell I got to part two of this book but that doesn't bug me that much at all.  I just have a few more thing to say about this book and that is if you don't like swearing then I don't recommend this book or Fangirl because it does swear and if you aren't okay with the LGBTQ+ community I don't recommend this book one of the dig things in the book deals with being gay.
   If you like harry potter or Fangirl and the snips from there you might like this book and if don't like the snips you may still like this book. I gave this book five out of five stars.

1) The mortal instruments by Cassandra Clare

   Coming in first place is The mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare and I cant tell you which one I love more because I cant decide myself but if I had to it would be City of bones because it start it all but in this situation I don't have to so I'm not going to because I feel like every one of these books deserves a place on this list but if I did that I would only have a few more space left on my list so I'm doing it as one.

    City of Bones by Cassandra Clare is about a girl named Clary Fray who goes out to a club with her friend Simon and at the club someone is murder in front of her but the body disappears in to thin air. Clary soon finds out that the kid that was murdered was a demon and the three teenagers that killed the demon where Shadowhunters warriors who are dedicated to ridding the earth of demons and clary finds out that she is meant to be part of that world. When Clary's mother is kidnapped Clary is pulled in to this world and is dedicated to finding her mother.

     The mortal instruments is my favorite books I have read this year and my whole life its amazing I love it a lot of people stop reading these books after the first book and if you did that or are thinking about that I say push through it because it gets way better I promise.

Thank you for reading have any of you guys have read these books tell me down below what you thought of them and tell me your top ten favorite books of 2016 and I will talk to you guys very soon.

Bye, Shaylee


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