I have been watching this tag a lot lately and I have really wanted to do this tag so I did I was not tagged but I don't need to be tag so lets just get in to this.

  1. I mostly read at night
  2. I have a hard time finishing books
  3. it takes me a long time to read a big book
  4. I mostly only read ya books
  5. every time I organize my bookshelf in less then a day it gets messed up again
  6. I cant sleep with out reading
  7. I find it easier to read a real book then ebooks
  8. I love audibooks
  9. I have not read harry potter
  10. I am mostly subscribed to book tube channels then anything else
  11. I read more in the bath
  12. my good reads reading challenge is 30 books
  13. I only have two shelf's full of books
  14. I use to hate books
  15. I use to dog ear my books even if they where library books
  16. I only buy one book a month or two
  17. I love the smell of books
  18. if my sisters has a book I want my parents will not allow me to buy the book
  19. I have a hard time keeping my books in good condition
  20. I never bought a book on line
  21. I love the filling of the book carry on by rainbow Rowell
  22. I have dyslexia
  23. I don't have any book merch
  24. the biggest book I have read is allegiant by Veronica Roth
  25. I always buy a book from the book fair but I never read them

THANK YOU FOR READING I hope you in joy this post comment down below telling me if you would be interested in seeing a book self book tour. find me on social media.



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