I was on Pinterest and every time I'm on Pinterest I always see post like this and I've always wanted to do something like this so today I decide to finally do one and this one is 10 signs that you love a book.

1. its always on your mind.

   After reading the book it is always on your mind in class you set there and day dream about it and every time some one is talking you don't lesson because your thing about the book.

2. you bring it up in ever conversation you have

   Even if the conversation has nothing to do with books you all ways bring it up.

3.you try and get every one to read it 

    Ever time some one asks you what they should read you always say this book.

4. your walls are covered in posters about the book

     If you are in the store and you see a poster and it has something to do with the book you have to buy it does not mater how much posters you already have.

5. you buy every different cover of the book

     If there is a new cover coming out for this book you have to go and buy it so you have all the different covers of the book.

6. you have a shrine to the book

     You have you posters hanged up and underneath them you have all the books and more.

7. you see the movie for it and watch it over and over agine

   If there is a movie bast on the book you have to go see it but that's not all when I comes out on dvd you have to buy it and then you watch it like a thousened times.

8. you hate anyone who hates the book

   If some one says they hate that book you hate them

9. you are allways looking for boys like the boy in the book

   You don't like a boy if there not like the boy in the book. yep where going to be forever alone.

10. when you see anyone reading the book you are automatically best friends

   so your walking down the street and someone is seating there and read the book and you go seat by them and start talking to them and when you leave them you think they are my new best friend.

      THANK YOU FOR READING I hope you liked this if you want me to do more post like these comment down below. Don't forget to find me on social media and follow this blog.



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