Epic reads just did the allegiant movie book tag and right when I saw that I knew I had to do it so I'm going to this tag.

1 Obvious question - What faction are you and why?

    I'm want to say that I am erudite but every test I take it says that I'm divergent. Why I say that I'm erudite is because I love to read and I always want to get more knowledge and I love school.

2 If you had to make your very own faction, what would it be called?

   I would make a faction for anyone who finds out that they are divergent so they can come to my faction and they could tell use that they are divergent and we would teach them how to counsel don't fill don't let them know (frozen) but I would just show them how to hide it and it would be could frozen.

3 If you were leaving your home/faction, what's the one thing from your old life you would bring with you?
   my laptop because I can not leave with out my laptop.

4 Good with knives?

5 Why does Four love about you?
  My toughness and how I can fight

6 Tris. Short hair? Long hair?

7 Would you go beyond the wall or stay put?
    Go beyond the wall if I was in the crap of a city I would already be over the wall so ya I would go beyond the wall.


Morgen from the reader things on YouTube and you if you want to do this tag then do it and put a link to it so I can see them.

THANK YOU FOR READING I hope you liked this tag and I'm sorry about not posting yesterday. Comment down below telling me your answers to this tag and find me on social media and follow this blog



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