Keep holding on a heart breaking and romantic story and I agree with that but that not all I think about this book to find out my whole review keep reading and this post is spoiler free.

TITLE: keep holding on

AUTHOR: Susane colasanti

GENRE: young adult fiction

PUBLISH: May 31st 2012

READ: May 2

FORMATE: hardback

STAR RATING: 5 out of 5

A romantic and empowering book about bullying

Noelle's life is all about survival. Even her best friend doesn't know how much she gets bullied, or the ways her mom neglects her. Noelle's kept so much about her life a secret for so long that when her longtime crush Julian Porter starts paying attention to her, she's terrified. Surely it's safer to stay hidden than to risk the pain of a broken heart. But when the antagonism of her classmates takes a dramatic turn, Noelle realizes it's time to stand up for herself--and for the love that keeps her holding on.

"Be strong and keep holding on"

       I finished this book in one night even though in the begging of the book it was a little bit slow but after a while I fell in love with this book and after a while I was in full tears.    This book really  shows what school is like and shows people who have not been bulled or have bulled someone how it can hart people and what it can cause.  

"If I’d stopped believing that my life would eventually get better, I don’t think I would have survived high school.”

      This book shows how hard it can be in high school and to be bulled but that's not all that this book is about it also has romance.   She is trying to decide if she wants to stay with her boyfriend or break up with him and go to this other boy.  

“In case you haven’t noticed, there are other people in the world and their lives suck too.”

      This book hit home because both of my sisters got bulled and one of my sisters tried to take her life.  Not only was my sisters bulled I was also bulled because of having dyslexia and ADHD and ADD so I would always have to ask someone how to say and spell some words but this book show me that you can get throw being bulled.

“I have to trust that there are people in my life who actually care about me. And I have to let them help.”

   I would recommend this book to anyone this book has became one of my favorite books.

THANK YOU FOR READING if you have read this book tell me what you thought of this book and if you have any recommendations  tell me down below.





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