Victoria aveyard just came out saying that red queen is becaming a movie and I'm here to tell you what I know and I'm going to be dream casting the movie.

       Elizabeth Banks also know as the actress who plays Effie Trinket from the hunger games will be directing it.     The movie rights where picked up universal pictures.  I have not seen universal pictures do a lot of ya adaptation like this and I'm exside to see where they take.   I think it has a lot of potential,

      Now it is time for me to dream cast the movie

Mare:  Danielle Campbell
        Danielle Campbell plays Davina in the originals and I think she does prefect on that TV show and
I think you would do amazing as Mare.

Cal: Daniel Sharmen
      Daniel Sharmen plays Kaleb/Cole on the originals and he also plays Isaac Lahey on teen wolf and on both of those he plays a bad but also sweet boy and he plays those parts amazing and I think he could completely poll of Call.

Maven: Tyler Hoechlin
        Tyler Hoechlin plays Derek hale from teen wolf and Derek is a very bad and stroge person and I think he plays him perfectly and I think he would be an amazing maven

Gisa: Holland Roden
      Holland Roden plays Lydia martin in teen wolf she has also been crimal mind and grays anatomy and she was in bring it on : fight to the finisher.   I think Holland Roden can play a very insent sweet shy girl and a very tough girl really will and I think she will be amazing at Giza

Kilorn: Delaon o brain
      Dylan O Brien plays Stiles Stiliski in teen wolf and Thomas in the maze runner.  Because of his amazing acting as stiles I think he would be perfect for kilorn.

Evangeline: Charlize Theron
      Charlize Theron plays Ravenna in snow with and the huntsmen winter war and I think she played that part perfectly and I think she would be amazing at Evangeline.

King Tiberias: Sebastian Roché
        Sebastian Roché plays Mikael Michelson in the originals and the vampire diaries and he show up in crimal minds.    In the originals and the vampire diaries he plays a very evil guy and he plays that perfect and I think he would be amazing as King Tiberias.

      THANK YOU FOR READING and that is my dream cast for the red queen movie comment down below who your dream cast is and if you agree with any of mine. I will keep you posted of all thing surrounding the red queen movie.




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