BOOKTUBE-A-THON has started and for my dayliy up dates I'm going to try something new every once in awile I'm going to come on here and tell you the time and wright a few short sentese telling you an update on how it has been going so lets just get in to this.


      The booktube-a-thon has started about an hour ago and I'm really tired of all nights I get really tired at 1 am even thogh I can normaly stay up intel 5 am and not be tired but tonight.   The first book I picked up was insurgent and I read 21 pages from there and then I picked up the girl who loved tom Gordon by Stephen king and I read 28 pages from there so my tottle pages read today is 49.     so I'm going to call it a night and go to bed.   good night


      I deside to pike up red queen and I'm on page 300 so I plan on finshing it to day and I did the book dominos and I tried to filmed it but I suck at filming so don't judge I'm a blogger but here it is.    

and no it is not the most amazing one ever but I tried and I used all my books now for the shorts video ever and the video sucks sorry

I liked doing book dominos and my sister was watching me do it so she was rude and a few times she pushed it and made me want to kill her but it worked out.


     so I'm going to call it a night and so far and have finished one book and that was red queen by Victoria aveyard it was amazing and I cant get over that ending.   red queen counts for read a book you discovered from booktube and it was so good.   tomorrow I'm hoping to finish insurgent so I will talk to you guys tomorrow.

THANKS FOR READING tell me down below how booktube-a-thon is going for you and that is the end of day one




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