A gift guide for readers + Day 23 of countdown to christmas

Hello readers,

    There is 23 more days intel Christmas and for todays post I will be doing a gift guide for a reader so if you have a friend that is a reader and you don't know what to get them I hope this helps and lets get in to this.

  1. Bookshelves
  3. Floating bookshelves
  4. Bookish sweat shirt
  5. Bookish tee-shirt
  6. Bookish mugs
  7. A gift card to there favorite bookshop
  8. There favorite book-to-movie adaptation
  9. Replace some of there paperback books with a hardcopy
  10. A reading light
  11. Money
  12. A hardcopy box set
  13. An E-reader
  14. Bookish posters
  15. Bookish jewelry
  16. An exclusive collecters edition of there favorite book
  17. A signed book
  18. Book ends
  19. A book subscription box
  20. A journal
  21. Tea
  22. Pillows with cute bookish quotes on them
  23. Bookish scented candles
  24. Funko pops based off of there favorite book characters 
  25. Book based coloring books (like the harry potter coloring books)
  26. A time turner
  27. The Hogwarts book box set
  28. Buy something they pined on pintrest
  29. Bookish clothing
  30. Books
Thank you for reading I hope this helped and comment telling me if I missed anything and what you would want on this list. Follow my blog and I will talk to you tomorrow.



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