Top 5 Wedsday| Side Ships


   Its Wednesday meaning it time for Top 5 Wednesday and this week topic is side ships meaning we have to tell you are 5 top ships that doesn't include the main character lets get in to this.

5. Belle and Gold from Once upon a time

    This one is a TV show and it is Belle and Gold from Once Upon A Time, I am one of the main shippers that ship them together. I just love them together even though I see the faults of the relationship I still think they should be together.

4. Klaus and Caroline from the vampire diaries

   This one is also from a TV show I love Klaus and Caroline together they are amazing and so cute even though its mostlikly not a possibility I hope that maybe it will happen in the originals.

3. Kit and Ty from Lady Midnight

    I know I'm not the only person that thinks they will be cute to gather and as the books go on it seems even more of a possibility and I cant wait to see if they are togather in the next few books with I think they are going to be.

2. Simon and Izzy from The Mortal Instruments

   Sizzy is one of the few main ships in the mortal instruments and I completely agree I think they are amazing together and I just love them.

1. Magnus and Alec from the mortal instruments

    If you didn't see this one coming you clearly haven't been reading my blog for awhile seeing that I love them together and I say that all time so of course I had to put them on this list.

Thank you for reading I'm sorry that I have been gone for awhile I am back and I have started some new things on my blog and a post will be up about that in a little bit I hope you liked this post tell me down below if you agree with any of these.



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