I'm Back!


   If you guys have been reading my blog for a while you know I haven't been posting a lot and I'm really sorry for that but I'm back and I have a few things to discuses with you guys


   I hate not posting but I have been really buzzy lately because I have color guard practice a lot and I'm always out and I just can get to a computer or I just don't want to write and I'm sorry for that.  I'm also having a hard time writing my posts because I want them to be long and detailed ad perfect and that really stress me out so I just chose not to but when I do start to write a post I get board of just seating there for to look and trying to write so I stop writing and never start again. So to fix's that problem I wont be making my reviews or post as detailed.

   I will also be starting a post schedule Sunday is random Sunday I post what every I want, Tuesday is tag Tuesday, Wednesday is top 5 Wednesday, Friday is review Friday.

Thanks for reading and I will talk to you guys soon.


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