A few days ago I did a spoiler free review on to all the boys I've loved before by jenny Han and in that post I said I would do a post that has spoilers in it and that is this post so if you have read this book this is the place to be.

     I will not be covering anything I covered in that post in this post so if you have not read that post you can read it right here again I am not going to be covering anything that I said in that post here.

     I really liked this book there was a lot of things to love some of though are she is in high school and I am in jr high but this book still connected to me like her letters some of the letters where she liked them for a long time like peter and Josh and then others where like the littles things that made her love them for like one day and I that was so me like I would get a crush on a boy that I really did not know but when I meet them I'm like you are so rude I do not like you anymore but then there are those crush's that I like that are my crush for a long time and that really connected to me.

    What I also liked about this book she told you how she felt when her mom died even though it is not in the main premise of the book it still told you what happened so when it did come up it wasn't like what even happened to her mom but you new what happened.

    There is a lot more things I loved about this book but though are just the big ones and know is what I did not like that much. the first thing is who sent out the letters when her letters get sent out I wish it was less overuse about how sent them out. Right when the letters get sent out I knew exactly who sent It out I wish it was like who did it less like I all ready know kitty did it.

    I also did not like how Lara jean just blamed peter about telling every one they had sex in the hot tube when someone could have just saw them kissing in the hot tube and could have just thought they where going to have sex so they told everyone that did.

    I also thought that peter brought the neckless for her because it was just gone but he never did but maybe he will give it to her in the seconded book.

THANK YOU FOR READING i hope you liked this post comment telling me what you thought about this book and don't forget to find me on social media and i will talk to you soon.



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